We take the pain out of your online world

ohmdo specialises in helping startups and small businesses get their online world setup and to continue running smoothly. A lot of compoents are needed to create and manage online assets, like websites, domains and emails. We can help you with that! Want more? With our system integration expertise we can providing more advanced assistance or advice with integrating your online and offline worlds (SOHO). We tailor our services to your specific needs, so rather than a limited choice of unfair packages, pricing is based on what you’ll actually use

Our team have decades of experience in IT, systems integration, hosting, web design. Let us take the pain out of establishing your online presence.More importantly, we have experience in supporting customers with all skill levels, from beginner to expert. Let us support you!

Supreme Value

We customise to your needs rather than asking you to fit a mould. You pay for resources you use, not for things you don’t

We’re a bit different too

While ohmdo has the skills of other agencies, unlike them we don’t plaster standard pricing and packages all over our site.
You don’t want a standard package!.

You aren’t a standard package

Most products and services are sold as packages.While you may not use some parts of a package, they are still factored into the price.

Ever purchased a package that does part of what you want well BUT does other parts poorly (or not at all)? Remember being forced to upgrade to “Platinum”, Super Sized”or “Mega” packages that include EVERYTHING, just to get ALL the bits you actually need along with a bunch you don’t? With that model it can get awful expensive obtaining ALL the parts you need

You are paying too much

Stop paying too much

If ohmdo already has a tool which fits a purpose, you don’t pay for it.If ohmdo already has a tool which fits a purpose, you don’t pay for it.And we’ve already created tools or have developer licenses for software covering a broad range of uses. If we don’t have it already, we regularly find free resources that fit perfectly.Why pay for a premium plugin when it isn’t needed?You only pay for the resources you use, like hosting, badwidth and our time.You only pay for other plugins if they are not available any other way OR a paid version is ACTUALLY worth it.We use the best component for a job, rather than expensive tools we are trying to recoup the cost of.